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25th Birthday For Carillon Studios

Oh My God, do we all feel old here! Carillon Studios has made it to 25 years of age. We were based in Clacton-On-Sea at the time and not for one second did we ever consider the future. Our 1st mailshot was for one floppy disk with ten styles on it. It was produced on an Atari ST520 computer with a tractor feed printer with each page taking over 11 minutes to print and was sent to under 100 Technics keyboard users. 26 years later we sell to 32 counties around the world with styles for 7 instrument brands that include over 100 keyboard types.

It wasn’t long before John Romero (pictured right) who started Carillon with wife Jackie, suggested Reg Siger join our team and we still sell those Technics styles on occasion today. Following the tragic loss of their son, John & Jackie moved to Eastbourne. John buried himself in work and often met Dave Medcalf (pictured left) who lived just a few miles away in Hastings. It was the proverbial ‘No Brainer’ to invite Dave to join Carillon. Adding his style writing skills has led to Carillon being the biggest independent producer of styles in the UK.

So 25 years later what’s new? Well, the new studio is well underway with its construction. Next week will see our 1st work experience lad from school who is coming to see how and what we do. Dave & John have plans for loads more software. John is working on a complete new upgrade to the Carillon Website. With the new studio finished we are hoping to include a video studio and this should lead to a completely new way of demonstrating our software!

With 25 years under our belt, we want to thank our customers with a very special offer. For the next 25 days, enter the code 25TODAY and you will get 25% off all our downloadable software. Please be aware this offer does not extend to disks ordered by post. We have another special offer as well. Write a review for any style or disk you have bought from us, submit it to the website and 25 will be randomly chosen to get a free style of their choice. Not bad eh!

The future? Who only knows what it will bring. We suspect we won’t be around then, however, the future is bright and the technology is sure to bring new tricks that we haven’t even thought of yet. We look forward to making more styles for you so don’t forget, if you need something specific, let us know and it will be added to our top ten list of styles to write.

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