John Romero

John Romero

John Romero has been a professional a musician and entertainer for most of his life. He spent his early years based in Watford and it was here John learnt his trade as an entertainer around the London Clubs. He is classically trained and is a prior British Accordion Champion. During his career he has appeared four times on national UK television and entertained on numerous cruise ships (the last was for 11 months cruising around the USA, Mexico and the Caribbean). He served as entertainment’s co-ordinator for a large holiday site in Clacton for seven years and has worked thousands of clubs, pubs, hotels and restaurants.

As well as being a conventional squeezebox John’s accordion has cutting edge technology built in and is probably the most advanced instrument of its kind in the world. At its base it is capable of Classical, French, German, Italian, Folk and Scottish, all the music most would expect from a standard accordion. However add the one off prototype midi system the instrument has built in to a Flagship Yamaha keyboard and another world of musical possibilities is added. Turn away from the stage when John is playing and you would be hard put to guess it was one man with ‘just’ an accordion. Make no mistake though (don’t be fooled) there is no cheating, no tapes or backing tracks, its all live and you will be amazed at the music this incredible instrument produces!

It is important to note John always turns up smartly dressed (in theme when asked), in plenty of time to get set up and importantly to have a chat with the client before the event. All in all if you are looking for quality and professionalism you have found the answer. The following categories are just some of the areas John specialises.


Much of Johns professional work is based around the accordion, organ and keyboard worlds. His current repertoire includes modern electronic numbers such as ‘War of the worlds’ & ‘Oxygene’, Big Band classics like ‘American patrol’ & ‘When I fall in love’, classic organ numbers that include ‘Dreaming Ballerina’ & ‘Tico Tico’ and so much more. His current concert set includes over three hours of top grade concert material.

John Romero

Weddings, Dances and Clubs

If you need a ‘class’ entertainer for a function John is your artiste. With all the electronics on board the sound quality is amazing. Maybe you require a romantic waltz perhaps ‘Three times a lady’ or ‘Moon river’ thats sounds as if it is being played on an acoustic guitar. An older audience might need quicksteps, foxtrots  and latin numbers, again no problem. You might need something with a bit more go perhaps with a 60’s, 70’s or 80’s feel. ‘Walk of life’, ‘Bad moon rising’ or maybe a 15 minute disco set including ‘YMCA’ or ‘Hey baby’. John is also a reasonable vocalist and sings some of the numbers in this set.

French Theme

Dressed with the typical French stripy T shirt and beret to set the scene John can set the scene depending on the needs of your event. Just accordion quietly sat in a corner giving a Fresh ambience or add electronics that reproduce the strings of Mantovani or the orchestra of Édith Piaf. Even the synths of Jean Michelle Jarre can be added. If you are looking for an artiste for the Beaujolais week please book early if possible as this is always a busy time for John.

German Theme

John’s German persona is dressed in lederhosen and brings the Bierkeller to your party. Although this can be done with just an acoustic accordion we recommend the extra electronics as the PA system gives a little more dominance and control to a party, needed when John is getting an audience join in and sway from side to side together.

John Romero playing Italian music on the Ferarri Stand @ Carfest 2017

Italian Theme

Dressed in black with a classy Italian dress shirt John is just as happy at an Italian birthday party or on a corporate Ferrari car stand. This theme is usually a little more laid back and without electronics but numbers such as ‘O sole mio’, Santa Lucia, ‘Arrivederci Roma’, ‘The theme to the Godfather’ and more are all included when you are looking for that special Italian feel!


Of course any of the above themes can be combined to tailor the music to your requirements and if you have questions or even special requests please do not hesitate to explain just what you need and he can tailor his act to suit. Please be aware that only John’s public Concerts, Festivals and Major corporate work are listed on this website. Private gigs are not shown.

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