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Covid-19 Update

There is no-one in the world that cannot be aware of the terrible medical crisis going on in the world. John and his family are all squirrelled up and self-isolating for the foreseeable future. The families only real need is to go out and get milk (John just can’t do without a cup of tea!). With reference to John’s businesses though there are a few interesting pieces of information.

  1. All 1-2-1 lessons are cancelled again due to countrywide self-isolating rules. However, John is now teaching on Skype and Facetime which actually means if a pupil has a decent internet he can now teach anywhere in the world. More details can be found here.
  2. With regret, all John’s gigs and concerts are cancelled until further notice for obvious reasons.
  3. Although almost all Carillon Studios keyboard is now downloaded orders requiring to be sent are still being dispatched although only one trip a week to the Post Office is being made. Therefore all dispatched are currently sent on Fridays.
  4.  Subject to weather and building supplies it is hoped the new studio will be finished before the end of July. Hooray!

Finally, stay safe & well. Don’t forget to make some noise for the NHS on Thursday nights, these guys really need our thanks & support for the fabulous job they do. Be kind to others cause you just might need them to be kind to you.

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