John Romero


Due to our re-release of the single ‘Waves’ Carillon Studios is pleased to also re-release the album from which it came. Inspirations was originally recorded with an accordion, a Ketron SD1 keyboard and of course John himself. The album title comes from being inspired to write the number waves and the need to find inspiration again after the loss of his son.

Back in 1980 John was working on a chord combination for a song, the structure and melody was there but the feel and direction of the song would not fall into place. It wasn’t till a little later when he started work on the cruise ships the instrumental fully took shape. It has been through a number of transformations since then, the one above being his favourite and the one that finally got to be recorded. The re-release has new artwork and is available from the shop either as a complete CD album, as a downloadable mp3 or as single tracks. In addition we hope to release the sheet music for Waves in the near future.

Track Listing

1) Waves
2) Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
3) A Certain Smile
4) I Just Called To Say I Love You
5) Waltz Medley – Eternally / Charmaine / Edelweiss
6) Stranger On The Shore
7) Besame Mucho / Spanish Eyes
8) Streets Of London

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