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Festival News 2019 – Update

During the successful February 2019 Accordion Festival at the Queens Hotel in Eastbourne, John Romero has confirmed that John & Jackie Romero have officially handed over ownership of the events to Gennaro Fiondella and Colette McKeown (CGF Music LTD). John made the announcement during the event and thanked all their guests for their past support and wished everyone all the very best going into the future. John said, “This will give us more time to concentrate on Carillon Studios, our charity work, teaching, developing the websites we run and most especially extra time for Alex as he is turning into a young man”. John & Jackie will continue to be on hand in an advisory capacity going forward if needed and indeed John is the webmaster for their new website and can help with any technical problems if they ever occur.

Whilst this affects all Eastbourne Accordion Festivals John & Jackie will continue with their Middlewich FAB events.


Festival statement from John Romero

“Due to a number of issues, we have over the past months been considering what to do with our festivals and have in fact been considering shutting them down. We have however recently been offered help and it is with great pleasure we can announce Gennaro Fiondella and Colette McKeown are about to join our team. This will enable our Accordion Weekend Holidays to continue on into the foreseeable future”.

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