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New Project – Update

I have now performed this a number of times at both festivals and gigs. So far the response seems to be good and it is my intention to expand this repertoire, think I might try Elvis next. LOL!


Am I insane? Possibly. You may have heard several keyboard players over the past couple of years playing along with recordings of different singers. Now I have my Tyros5 I find myself in a position where I can do the same. My problem is the number of songs (and singers) I would like to use is limited by the number of songs available. It is quite easy to search for acapella’s on Google. My problem is twofold, 1) I do not want to sound like some other players using a limited number of vocals available and 2) If I am going to do this, I sort of feel that morally I should do the work myself.

After a bunch of research, I have found out this is much harder to do than I had realised it might possibly be. The problems start with stripping out just the voice. There are a number of programs and sites on the web that do this but the quality is not good. It took ages to find a program to do it and even so takes ages to do properly. The next bits are reasonably easy, pitch and quantise the vocals. Logic is a fabulous program and with its help, this is now done. My next job is to work out an arrangement to bring the song up to date. So with a bit of luck, Jim Reeves will be singing with me at Tony and Andrews festival next week in Fareham. Come along if you want to hear it!

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