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New Studio Development – Updates

We have finally broken ground for our new garage and studios development. What a nightmare it has been with Cheshire East Buildings Control! The trench is far deeper than we think is needed however they insisted we dig down to fresh clean clay and have added about 18 inches onto the depth we had originally planned. Buildings control have now finally given the go-ahead and last Tuesday we spent two hours pouring the concrete. Weather permitting hope to lay the foundation’s trench blocks next week.

22/Sept     Been delayed a bit by these storms. Might now be next week.

29/Sept     Sand & trench Blocks delivered, We can start building next week!

October     Foundations half-built, getting cold now, building to resume the other side of winter!


1/April       Following three, yes three visits from building control, and thus two structural surveyors reports, we finally have the go-ahead to build the garage floor the way we want. Hoping to start after Easter, Yea!

May            We have started the lift… at last!

6/June       Paused due to FAB festival. Gonna wait as the scaffolding needed will be in the way during FAB

10/July       Our bricklayers are away finishing another job so John has decided to teach himself bricklaying and in doing so has laid another 5 courses of bricks so the walls are now over head height. Hoping scaffolding will go up within a fortnight and bricklayers can then finish the job.

20/July     The bricklayers have decided the other job was easier and bailed out so John has decided to do it himself.

October     Almost ready to put the roof trusses on but due to the lead time on the woodwork the trusses wouldn’t arrive until November so thats it for this year! Will resume next March…

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