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New Yamaha Keyboard Arriving

I am excited as next week I am getting a new keyboard to go with my accordion! So what are you getting I hear you ask, well it is a Yamaha Tyros 5. For those in the know, you are probably wondering why.

When we moved to Cheshire 3.5 years ago it was always my intention to upgrade to the next keyboard when it arrived, however, the new house needed a new roof, etc and I never got around to it. More recently I heard about the upcoming release of the new Yamaha flagship keyboard, the Genos and I thought I would wait for that. So a few weeks ago I went and played one for several hours. I’m afraid it didn’t go well and I found myself very disappointed. The new livery, name and price indicated it would be a leap into the future. I am not at all convinced. On the plus side, there are marginal sound improvements, two extra panel memory buttons and a touchscreen. Of course there are some other good bits but frankly, I just don’t get or like it. Worse the screen is clunky and often does not make sense. Yamaha does not make a 61 note version and to cap it off it is just not worth the price. It feels like the days when Technics were getting ready to pull out of the keyboard market and the last couple of keyboards were made with little or no research and development. I hope I am wrong but in several conversations with well-known people in the industry, I am not the only one of the opinion.

So where does it leave me? Well, the most only frustrating thing is I won’t have time to set it up ready for our Eastbourne festival. I am anticipating it being ready for concert use before the end of February though. I can’t wait!

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