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OrganFax Failure

It is with regret and some embarrassment that I find myself looking at the current OrganFax website. In my defence, I was quite ill when I was conned by Ian House and Marie Powell into relinquishing control of the organisation. I am the first to say more could have been done with the site however during the ten years I was in charge of the site it was run fairly and without bias for the good of the Organ & Keyboard industry. You only have to look in today to see the sorry state it is in with an average of just three news items a month listed. I added the last spotlight article and that was over 4 years ago. There are no adverts because Mr House can’t be bothered to fix the site. This in itself is a breach of the contract I have with them and I have to say it is tempting to take legal measures in this matter. I have offered twice to take back control and restore its reputation. I was turned down both times.

Why have I written this missive? Because I hate to see the demise of this once proud website. Because I hate to see this pair not take responsibility for their actions. Because Margeret Faulkner, the lady who devised OrganFax, must be turning in her grave knowing what they have done. All this while they are raking in money for doing almost nothing. It is a disgrace and if there is such a thing as karma out there I hope it catches them up soon!

John Romero

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  1. Well John,

    I had no idea that there was trouble ‘at mill !

    I wasn’t sure whether to repeat my subscription and will probably only do so until the next time!

    I did have some issues a few years ago with the current team!

  2. OrganFax has the potential be a platform, with which to revive and promote interest in the organ and keyboard scene. There are people with great integrity and passion who could do wonderful things. Sadly they don’t get the opportunity, due to a couple of spiteful, insecure little ‘trolls’ guarding the bridge. They have embedded themselves deep into our little part of the music world and seem to be able to dictate who can and can’t attend and play at certain events and festivals. There’s a big change coming, so here’s to the revival and celebration of our wonderful hobby and vocation!

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