John Romero

Granada Mia


Written by Gerald Crossman this is an advanced solo standard piece used as both own choice and test piece for many competitions in the past. It opens with an accented flourish which sets the scene for this Paso Doble.

The arrangement is an excellent piece to draw any audience in, is a great number for dancers and is always a great crowd pleaser.


The number has an attractive Spanish feel melody line with a testing little chord repeat in the left hand. Bpm is 162.

All our Gerald Crossman music is just £3.00 with all profits going to the Winstons Wish charity. The download is a high resolution pdf (A4 @ 300pdi = approx 2480 x 3500 pixels). This does lead to a large file size which can be slow to download, however the benefit is a perfect copy which can be either printed out or read from an electronic device (iPad{even the big ipad pro}, tablet, etc).

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